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For your convenience we've made links to frequently used forms and documents available on our website, always at your fingertips! We've published our documents in the web-standard Adobe PDF format, viewable with the free Adobe Reader application. If the Adobe Reader is not already installed on your computer, click the Get Free Reader logo on the right to install it first.

CCPLab E-Reporting

User Guide

Client instructions for logging-on and using the CCPLab E-Report web service.

Access Request

CCPLab E-Report web service User Authorization and Access Agreement form.
Specimen Transport & Safety

Supply Request Form

Universal specimen collection supply request form. Use to order all supplies for specimen collection and transport to CCPLab. May be faxed to CCPLab.

Material Safety
Data Sheet Pack

Collection of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for common CCPLab-supplied chemicals (e.g., fixatives).
Client Services
Provider Information Form Record referring clinician UPIN, NPI and MA numbers for patient billing by CCPLab.
Patient Billing
Advance Beneficiary Notice Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) for Pap and HPV DNA Probe tests.